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    Happy Thanksgiving all:

    I am new to DBS and after doing a search cant find an answer to what I am trying to do and thought I would try here. I have recently purchased the DSR6000 which I will use in a media niche (most viewing here) and will will want to have satelite in the master bdrm. and in a play/hobby rm. question I have is if I dont plan on purchasing PPV and sports on the receivers in these two rooms is there a mirror receiver (will it allow for different channels & control) that can be purchased and will I need to hook these up to a phone jack all the time?

    While I'm at it,is there a way I can use my existing cable /TV coax lines that are wired to each room to run the satelite receivers in those rooms that I am planning or would a rf modulator be an option if I dont need to change or can watch the same program in another room. Any help is appreciated

    Ed -
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    Hi there. Sat requires a 2nd receiver if you want to watch 2 different channnels at the same time, but it is only about $4. extra per month.

    Yes, they will both have to be plugged into your phone line. They check to see if both receivers are at the same location.

    If you are getting this installed, they will route the new cable for both receivers. RG-6 is the coax that they use, and CATV systems normally run RG-59. It is not suggested that you keep the existing RG-59, as sometimes the quality of the signal will degrade.

    With multiple outputs on each receiver, you could run a set to your bedroom, but you'll probably have to get up and go to the receiver to change channels.

    I hope that helps - and oh, happy turkey day.


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