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Aug 9, 2002
I am planning to run wires in my crawl space to wire for surround. Though I am not planning to use 7.1/8.1 in the near future I thought what the heck I will wire them anyway.

Now, after reading a lot about all these fancy remote controls with IR/RF etc.. I am thinking maybe I should hide my system, under the stairs ( a small room where I also have my computer network and TWC cabling done. and then use that space to run around my wires).

To explain the dimentions...
My Monitor and two fronts are in the north. Sweet spot seat is about 14ft south of the Monitor. The hidden place where I am thinking of placing the entertainment shelf is about 10 ft west of the sweet spot and may be 16 ft west of the Monitor forming a triangle, if you could imagine that.

Though may be fairly same level of efforts to wire for the speakers, how will I manage/tackle issues like running a DVI cable from this hidden place to my Monitor. Do we get such a long cable?
Those who own nice wonderful theaters can give me some design cautions that I should take care of.
Pointing me to any good websites will also help me.
How good are these RF/IR remote controls.
Anything that I should consider for later additions/upgrades while wiring.
Is this something a person who is avg in being handy can do it over a weekend or three day weekend.


Todd Shore

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 5, 2001
You can get DVI cables that are very long. Sorry, don't know where.

The RF/IR repeaters generally do a poor job. Go hard wired instead. I'm using a IR sensor wired using about 30 feet of Cat-5 cable back to an IR block that has 4 jacks for IR emitters. I can use dual or single emitters for up to 8 emitters with this block. The emitters are taped to the audio and video components they control.

When I bought 3 years ago I spent over $125 with most of that going to the sensor. I recently saw the same sensor at Parts Express for around 1/4 to 1/3 the cost I paid so the whole thing should be doable for between $50 to $75.

All of my equipment is in a closet which luckily also has my telephone, cable (though I use DirecTV), and electrical entrances. I use a HTPC as my audio/video processor and have its DVD drive and CD burner exposed into the room through a hole cut into the closet to room wall. The drives are framed with ash. There is a pic at the bottom of this web page.

Take your time. Plan it out. Especially before you drill or cut any holes! :)

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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Aug 5, 1999
Corpus Christi, TX
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Not really much to worry about “future upgrades” with surround speakers, except possibly wiring for extra channels, and you’ve got that covered.

If you’re using it for multiple components, the only way they will work right is if you have the converter unit far enough away from the gear so that the IR beam can hit all the individual receivers. Typically this is not possible if you have all the gear in a small closet.

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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