Wiring Questions on Ceiling Mounted FP

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Craig.c, Nov 6, 2005.

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    Nov 1, 2005
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    I hope this is the correct forum for these questions as I'm a newbie.

    I'm about to set up my first FP system and have a few questions related to the wiring.

    First let me describe the room. Its a multi-purpose room not a dedicated HT, although when using the FP it will be dark. The issue is that it is fully finished, including a drywalled ceiling, and thus getting wires in place and aesthetics are issues.

    My FP will be about 17 ft from the screen, directly over the seating area, but I expect the the wiring will need to be 30-40 ft as I'm positive it won't go straight.

    Initially I will be running component from my HD receiver, and DVI from the DVD to a Panasonic AE-900.

    I know in a few years I will upgrade to a 1080p projector when they come down in price, and be connecting through a video processor. I'm getting a screen in 2:35 aspect ratio to go constant hight eventually.

    Given that I want all the wiring I need for down the road, put in place now that leads to several questions.

    1. Are there any particular specifications I need on the cable I put in place now, to handle 1080p feed down the road, other than just buying quality cables from some of the sponsors on this site?

    2. I would like to put a component/DVI connection plate in the ceiling rather than wires going through a hole. Does this impact the picture quality at all?

    3. I would like to have an electrician put a plug in the ceiling near the FP. Is there any way to use a power conditioner in that type of set up?
  2. Jay Mitchosky

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    Sep 6, 1998
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    I considered the very same thing and ultimately chose to install a medical grade outlet (you can also see it in picture above). It has built-in surge suppression and EMI/RFI filtering. Clearly not going to be as robust as, say, a Furman rig or such but it should do the job. I can't remember which manufacturer but if you're interested I can look it up. Alternatively I recall a product that is a smallish block, not much bigger than a gang box, that has built in surge and filtering and would plug directly into the outlet, with your projector plugged to that. I recall very positive reviews. No idea re: name - perhaps someone here can help.

    ADDENDUM: Flash of insight and I remembered it is a Leviton plug. More information on their hospital grade units here. Can't figure out which specific model. It's a 20A version, grey in color. I also installed these for the subwoofers.
  3. Matthew Bryde

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    Nov 11, 2005
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    Jay, that's a GREAT idea - using the "wire grommet". I ended up using a wall mounting plate and cut the sides out to avoid making huge unsightly holes for plugs. It does the job and I thought was quite ingenious - as it caters for any sized plug and is future proof, but your idea is less obvious and hence better.

    Noted for "next time"...

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