Wiring Multliple Subs with Velo DD-18

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Rutgar, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. Rutgar

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    Jan 17, 2004
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    I just bought one of the new Velodyne Digital Drive-18's. I also have two of Velodynes olders subs, which are the ULD-15's. The Uld's, each have a separate amp, which I have housed in my built-in audio rack. I'm planning on incorporating the DD-18 with the two ULD-15's, giving me three subwoofers. In order to get them all wired to a single LFE output, I'm going to use a small audio distribution amp, with one input and multiple outputs. Thus, sending the single LFE output from the processor, to the three individual subs. What I'm wondering about though, is that the distance from the processor to the ULD amps, is only about 3 feet (giving a speaker wire run of about 25 feet from each ULD amp to the actual sub). But, since the DD-18 has a built-in amp, it will have a distance of about 25 feet between the processor and DD-18 amp.

    If all of this is clear, I hope someone can tell me if they see any inherent problems with this configuration. If so, then I'm open to ideas. I see know other way of connecting these three subs to one LFE mono output.


    - Rutgar
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    I would contact Velodyne directly. There is a gent named Curt there who is really helpful.. and one aspect of the DD-18's software is it is supposed to be able to handle all your subwoofers, giving you a flat in-room response from all three...

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