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    Ok, I did a search here about wiring two speakers together for the back channel in a 6.1 setup, and it reaffirmed my idea of wiring two speakers together in series. It's recommended, i think thx and dolby recommend two for the back instead of one, i forgot where i read that, so i thought i'd give it a try. Anway, my question is, is it worth wiring up two speakers back there? I understand how to wire them up in series, but would that added resistance be a problem for the amp? (I don't want to wire them in parallel and put THAT load on the amp, right?) And question the second is: I see more expensive recievers out there that say 7.1 on them, with either 7 power amps or "7.1 decoding" so you can run two rear speakers(through their amps, or to 2 external amps). Is it just sending mono signal to those rear speakers or is it doing some kind of processing to get two separate channels out of that? Thanks.
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    Chris, you shouldn't have any trouble wireing a pair of speakers on the rear, just be sure you wire in series. As for recevers with 7.1 the rear channels would be mono or just the same as your 6.1. Except for the fact that there is two speakers instead of one & an amp for each speaker.
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    With the speakers connected in series, power is effectively halved, so you will probably have to raise the volume of the center rear channel to compensate.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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