Wire For Infinity Speakers???

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by jayNeami, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. jayNeami

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    Jan 31, 2005
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    I bought the Infinity Betas. Here are my items:
    Infinity Beta 40
    Infinity Beta C250
    Infinity Beta 10
    Harmon/Kardon AVR 135

    The dimensions of the room is 16x16. The front speakers will be in front shortest and rears all way in back. I saw that Home Depot had 16 guage 100 feet digital speakers for $39. Is that the wire I should be using? Is it enough(bringing through basement)? I saw posted monter cable isn't worth it. Is this a good price for wire if this is the one to use? Advice appreciated, thanks.
  2. Kenneth Harden

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    May 13, 2002
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    Steping out on a limb:

    I would get 12 AWG black lamp cord or something like that.

    I have Parts Express 'Sound King' 12 AWG wire for my mains, and I am using 12 AWG black lamp cord for the rears. Everything is terminated with good banana plugs.

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