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Discussion in 'Apple' started by Eric Samonte, Jul 7, 2008.

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    So my wife went ahead and got herself a MacBook. Thing is, she still needs Win XP as the electronic medical records at our hospital only runs in Win XP. I know I need a copy of Win XP for Boot Camp but can I install a copy that I have that is not in use?
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    You need a complete install CD of Wndows XP Home or Pro, with SP2 in the install. An SP1 disc won't work. An upgrade disc won't work. A full, retail disc is best, but an OEM disc can work too.

    During install, Windows XP will have to be activated, as usual. If you install an copy that was previously installed on a different computer, I expect you'll have an activation conflict and you'll have to contact Microsoft to get override activation number. If you're using a full retail install disc, there's no problem as they can be transferred from one computer to another. But OEM license copies specifically prohibit that; if you can't persuade MS into allowing the transfer, you'll have to pay for a new license.

    In practical terms: I bought WinXP Home OEM SP2 disc from NewEgg. I installed it into BootCamp with only minor technical issues. I then installed Parallels, connecting it to the BootCamp partition. Windows thinks this is a new install and won't activate. I must call the Windows activiation hotline and run the automated gamut. I push the phone buttons to say this is a major hardware change but not a system board change. It spits out a 64 digit supercode, and Windows / Parallels is activated. Everything runs fine from there.

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