Winning the War and Google Maps on iOS

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    Google Chairman Eric Schmidt is declaring victory in the mobile marketplace:

    The first big benefit of winning is that they can now focus on spreading the Google ecosystem to all platforms instead of playing keep away with features in order to give Android a competitive advantage over iOS. In fact, many reviewers are saying the new Google Maps on iOS is better than its Android counterpart.

    The entire point of Android was to have control of a platform in the mobile space so they weren't beholden to Apple for eyeballs. This control reaches farther than anyone projected in the smartphone space. Tablets will fall later this year. Having nice Google Maps on iOS will not slow that roll. In many ways, holding back feature on iOS was only slightly helping their OEM partners while actually hurting Google. In many ways, Google is platform agnostic -- ad revenue is ad revenue. Now that Android is mature, they can focus on growing their iOS business.

    Apple Maps was their big chance to scrape off Google brands from their ecosystem. But its failure and the universal embrace of Google Maps makes that a more difficult prospect. And as Apple stabilizes their market share to a permanent 15%, they may have to resign themselves to the fact that the the platform wars are in fact over.
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