WinISD accuracy vs. Unibox

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    I've been modeling my Tumult box in WinISD Pro (Alpha .50a6) and the results aren't really vibing with Unibox 4.02.

    I was modelling 1600W on a Tumult with 4 Adire PR-15's at 1500g in a 200L enclosure. Unibox set to no leaks, no fill. Unibox says I will peak at 32.5mm of PR excursion (more than I have) at 16.4Hz. WinISD says 50.5mm. So I scratch my head trying to figure out what the problem is. Turns out WinISD gives a p-p (peak to peak) number which equates to 25.25mm one way.

    So, the question of course is who's right Unibox at 32.5mm or WinISD at 25.25? (or have I completely misunderstood WinISD?)

  2. I do not use winisd, but here are three things that are often over looked and will affect your results.
    1) Qa (Q absorption)
    2) Ql (Q leakage)
    3) Rs (series resistance)

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