Windows XP reset help?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Jeff Ulmer, Mar 6, 2005.

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    I am a Mac guy with limited experience under Windows.

    A friend bought a new computer with XP home edition on it a couple of months ago. Someone else set the machine up, and obviously didn't do it properly, and now they can't get anything to work. Their email won't allow any settings to be changed (they change, but won't stick), and seem to be locked out by the admin, but no one know s how to access it, or what the password is. They can't install or update anything.

    Since there haven't been any new files added to the computer, I suggested trying to restore the HD to its initial state. Is there a way to get around the admin password to reinitialise the computer, or go back to the state the computer came from the store?
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    I would try to contact the manufacturer and find out what the password is.

    Some things you could try are not putting a password at all or trying the password of "password", also ask the user maybe they might have created it without knowing?

    Another thing, you might be aboe to reset the password.

    right click on my computer
    left click on manage
    expand local users and groups
    left click on users

    to the right you will see all the user accounts created on that computer

    right click on the administraor one and see if you can reset the password.

    Good Luck!
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    You wouldn't be able to set the admin passward as you apparently only have user rights. Call the people who built the computer and ask for the admin password. When you get that I'd create two accounts: 1) admin, and 2) power user. Power users can do almost everything admin can, so you'd only have to use admin to install programs. However, logging in as a power user all the time is a little safer as you can't screw as much up, and also viruses can't do as much if they attack under power user.

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