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Windows 10 w/ Uverse satellite receiver advice needed (1 Viewer)

John Wright

Jan 19, 2016
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John Wright
I have a Win 10 Home Premium x64 machine and a spare Uverse satellite (wifi) receiver box (Cisco model ISB 7005). I would like to connect it to my computer so I can watch live TV and the recordings on the primary receiver/DVR. Essentially, I want to use the receiver with my computer exactly as if my computer were a TV.

  • Do I need a TV tuner card or a video capture card?
  • I'm told that Uverse works better with component video than with HDMI. Is that also true in this situation?
  • Quite frankly, I don't really need HDTV; this is mostly for watching news or the occasional low-interest sporting event on my 2nd monitor while I work. Is there any reason, such as simplifying the setup, that would make S-video or composite video preferable?
  • I assume I'll need some sort of media center software. What would be a good (and preferably free) choice? I don't anticipate using it for any other purposes than those mentioned above, and especially not to record programs.
  • Will I be able to use the Uverse remote in the same way as I would with an ordinary TV connected?
  • If there are any extremely important questions I should be asking but am not, could you answer them for me?
All help is appreciated. Thanks.

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