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Win a copy of 'Hell Ride' on DVD (1 Viewer)

Sam Posten

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Oct 30, 1997
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Thanks to our friends at Dimension & Genius we have a copy of "Hell Ride" to give out! All ya gotta do is post below ONCE and one time ONLY, saying film that has a "chopper" motorcycle in it.

Will pick a winner sometime after Noon Sunday, so be sure to be in before then, anyone who posts AFTER that but before I do the rolls is eligible but I wont guarantee your entry unless its before 12:01 PM EST Oct. 19th, capiche?

-Open to residents of US/Canada only.
-Winners must have been registered HTF members before 11:59 PM October 16th, 2008.
-Limiting winners to one HTF prize every 90 days, so please don't enter if you have won anything from HTF in the last 3 months. Exception: Deal or no Deal winners.
-HTF staff prohibited from winning.
-All decisions by me and the HTF owners are final in case of a dispute or tie =)
-Editing posts or threads will result in disqualification.
-Void where prohibited etc. This is done for entertainment value only and no prize substitutions are possible.

Simple and logical enough? PLEASE remember to only post once in this thread, if you want to comment on the film itself please use the search button to see if one already exists for it or start a new thread if there isn't one!

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