Will X-Files Movie Appear On Mythology DVD Set 3?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Jim*F, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Jim*F

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    I thought this question was more appropriate as on its own rather than part of the "Quick X-Files Guide" thread since this is a separate DVD question.

    Mythology Set 1 was released today, and Set 2 is coming in August (the contents of which are already known -- it starts with Nisei from Season 3 goes up to Redux II from Season 5).

    The back of Mythology Set 1 notes the complete mythology story arc is 60 episodes. Based on the episodes (check TVTome for a complete list), it seems like the X-Files Movie should be in the mythology set (and count for 2 episodes):

    Mythology Set 3 (S5 to the very beginning of S7)

    Disc 1: Christmas Carol (1) / Emily (2) / Patient X (1) / The Red and The Black (2)

    Disc 2: The End / X-Files: Fight The Future / The Beginning

    Disc 3: Dreamland (1) / Dreamland II (2) / Two Fathers (1) / One Son (2)

    Disc 4: Biogenesis (1) / The Sixth Extinction (2) / The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati (3)


    Mythology Set 4 (S7 to the end of S9)

    Disc 1: Sein und Zeit (1) / Closure (2) / Requiem / Within (1)

    Disc 2: Without (2) / This Is Not Happening (1) / DeadAlive (2) / Essence (1)

    Disc 3: Existence (2) / Nothing Important... (1) / Nothing Important... II (2) / Provenance (1)

    Disc 4: Providence (2) / The Truth (1) / The Truth (2)

    I would consider the X-Files Movie a part of the mythology arc. Do the lists above seem reasonable?
  2. TravisR

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    I really doubt the movie will be part of the mythology sets (eventhough it is part of the mythology).

    And your list seems like a good guess to me. Dreamland I and II may not make the set. I think S.R. 819 and Trust No 1 should be there instead but that would break up storylines onto separate sets which they probably won't do. In short, I think your list is pretty darn close[​IMG]
  3. Dave Scarpa

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    I've ordered the first set, Since Fox owns both it's Doable but it would probably increase the Set's Price and we all probably own the thing anyhow. How about a Placeholder in the Set for it, or an Insert Movie Slide in between Episodes.
  4. Jonathan_Clarke

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    Isn't the purpose of these sets to give casual fans a lower price point for the series? The movie's only ten bucks at Best Buy now. Really doubt we'll see it included.
  5. Kevin Grey

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    As Travis mentioned, I'm not sure Dreamland 1 & 2 would qualify. If Red Museum qualified for the first set then SR 619 should definitely be on there and probably the Season Seven Scully/CSM episode (forgot the name of it).

    I might also put that Season Eight episode on the oil rig that involved the Black Oil (Vienin?) on there too.

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