Will we be seeing more syndicated shows again?...

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by todd s, Feb 3, 2006.

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    Will the merger of WB and UPN and the subsequent loss of programming for many stations. I wonder if we will see a jump in new syndicated shows that might not get a shot because of the networks?
    Star Trek and Superboy were shows that did very well in syndication.
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    I wouldn't be surprised. If you can produce a decent show on a budget, I think it may actually be a little less risky: Syndicate first-run rights to local stations, second-run rights to a cable channel (to be aired at least a week after initial broadcast), make them available on iTunes a week after that, sell international rights, plan to sell DVDs.

    The thing I question is the quality. I don't see major studios getting back into the syndicated-drama game, since they now own the networks that the shows would be competing with. Is there enough money in an action hour for Paramount to sell it to stations that will air it opposite CBS and CW? It only really makes sense for Sony/MGM, I think.

    So I doubt we'll see another Star Trek: Then Next Generation or Babylon 5. More likely, we'll see Canadian imports like Once a Thief (remember that?) getting prime-time slots, cheaply-shot telenovela translations, and maybe some British/Australian imports, if they come cheap enough. Or even Flatland, although there's only one season's worth.

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