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    Feb 4, 2002
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    I posted eariler about a componet switcher. I am wondering if what I am thinking in my head will work. Here goes....

    I have two componet imputs in my tv

    I have two componet inputs in my reciever

    But I have 4 devices that need these three left over inputs

    So here is what I am thinking. Buy the jvc componet switcher us one spot for xbox, one for game cube and then use the output to an input on my reciever (that way when I want to play games one button on the reciever will give me either game) Then I use my one leftover input on the reviever for the dvd player. Then I use the recievers out to one of the inputs on the tv. The other tv input will be used for the hdtv reciver.

    I know this is confusing but will it work?

  2. JeffHayes

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    Jan 3, 2002
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    I replied to your other post assuming you were looking for an upgrade to your receiver as well... but if all you are looking for is a kick butt video switcher, I don't see why the solution you propose will be a problem. I'm just not familiar with the JVC product in question. Sounds like a winner to me... and a helluva lot cheaper than my Pioneer Elite receiver suggestion. [​IMG]
    Best of luck!
    Jeff in Houston
    PS - The only thing I would be wary of is possible video degradation when going through either the video switcher, the receiver or the combo of the two in the case of the game systems to TV signal path... see if you can find any reviews on theat video switcher or ping people at the forums I always use for questions like this including this forum and www.avsforum.com.

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