Will this work for a sub?

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  1. Tony Woods

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    Feb 6, 2001
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    Okey, I was just had a brainstorm and wondered if it makes anysense. I was planning on getting the sony sub (SAWM40) but I'm finding it hard to come bye. I have experience making car sub enclosures and the like, so I was thinking, how would it compare if I got a quality 12" car sub that takes 1.25 cu ft in a sealed box. If I powered this with a 100wpc stereo reciever, how would it compare to the sony?
  2. Rich Kraus

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    May 3, 2000
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    a subwoofer driver in a properly designed enclosure will work fine. car or home drivers will both work, just design the enclosure within the T/S specs of the driver and your golden.
    get a real amp though, in your case a special made sub amp will probably give the most satisfaction.
    whats your budget? maby we can suggest some stuff. let me be the first, start your journy here:
    lots of fun stuff. i use a pair of their tempest drivers, and their ava250 amp. works nice.
    'Till next time,
    Rich (the kite guy)

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