Will No One Trade With Me? OOPS, CC, Kubrick Boxset, Barbershop

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    How long must these dang bloody dvd's hang around for?? No reasonable price will be refused on any, I just want to get rid of these damned things and move on to some other hobby like origami or collecting 8MM porns or taking those little foils out of cigarette packs and making a giant 5 foot shiny ball out of them or........

    I love haggling, haggle with me!

    Barbershop SE ----------------gone--------------

    Lady In White SE OOP - great little no budget scary ghost flick, Blair Witch almost got it right.

    Insomnia CC ($20)

    Audition - kitty, kitty, kitty! (you'll know what I'm referring to if you've seen it - ughhh!)

    Lord of The Rings 2 disc SE w/limited hologram cover (Cdn) ($17)

    Beauty and The Beast - Platinum

    Swamp Thing OOP - ($35)

    Q The Winged Serpent OOP (sealed) - Roger Corman production and pretty smart for it's ilk.

    West Side Story OOP (?)

    Elvis: Alternate Aloha Concert ($17)

    Supergirl LE: OOP, sealed

    Manhunter LE OOP 2 disc ($25)

    Reanimator SE: (Elite OOP) ($12)

    Aliens SE - OOP icky gooey, kill 'em all!! ($18)

    Gosford Park ($13) - nice period whodunnit.

    Six String Samurai ($15) -------------pending----------------

    KUBRICK BOX SET ( Newer Remastered set) - mint condition except on documentary disc, slight cut in snapper case where wrapper was sliced off (damn exacto knife!!) - not sure if I want to trade this, would prefer to sell it, but convince me and if deal is right ....

    take these off my hands or maybe I'll throw them in with one of the trades above........ hmmmm, sounds good.

    101 Unbelievable Plays/ A Century of Sports Bloopers Vol 2 - (2 programs on 1 dvd).

    DVD Preview - 1st dvd magazine issue w/Leonard Maltin

    These VHS tapes also need a good home and can be combined for 1 or 2 dvd's

    The Great Rock and Roll Swindle OOP
    Escape From New York SE oop


    *TIMEX TRIATHLON IRONMAN WATCH - great condition, only used twice or 3.

    *FOSSIL BRAND CHRONOGRAPH WATCH, gold and silver, good condition, ask me for details. Here's the link 4 a pic

    *OPTIMUS PRO CS-3 CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER - great for home theaters, max power 120 watts, 1 year old. can provide details.
    link: http://www.audioreview.com/Center,Ch...2_2743crx.aspx

    *KENWOOD PERSONAL CD WALKMAN - 20 sec. antishock, remote control, car kit also included with all connections and instructions -used about 4 or 5 times, great condition.

    *I also have a yellow GAMEBOY w/Pokemon Gold game included. Won't take up anymore room in the post, email me re: this and other items above.

    WANTS: (pretty well open to all offers, just try me - apart from my list below)

    SEGA DREAMCAST Console and controller(s) + games.


    DVD-audio discs
    Peeping Tom CC
    About Last Night
    Powderpuff Girls: The Movie
    The Monkees: Head
    Change of Habit
    Outer Limits Season 1
    Elvis 68 Comeback Special
    One Night With You
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind - 2 disc
    Bad Influence
    Harder They Come CC
    Hercules In The Haunted World
    The Intruder (Willie Shatner is the MAN!)
    Gorgeous RO dvd
    Shiri R1 or R0 (2 disc )
    Black Sabbath - not the group, dummy, the Bava movie
    Baron Blood - Mario Bava
    Elvis: The Definitive Collection boxset R1
    The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh
    Roman Polanski's Macbeth
    Blue Collar
    blaxploitation flicks
    Batman the Animated Series: Legend Continues
    Truly Madly Deeply
    Scooby Dooby Doo movies
    Richard Pryor concert dvd's
    HR Pufnstuf
    Basket Case LE
    Syd and Marty Krofft boxset
    Lady Frankenstein
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    Peter, YGM...
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    ygm back, phil!
  4. peter_i

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    Mar 21, 2002
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    bump this baby!

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