Will I have any problem with this deal?

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    Hi, I took advantage of the $99 DSR6000 deal at CC.
    My GF bought one and will activate the service. I bought one to put away until I move out of this Apt as I can't use it now. We had to use our credit cards and If I don't activate it on a new OR existing Act as an additional receiver within 90 days I will get charged $200. When my GF has her service up and running we will call and add the Rec I bought as an additional Rec on her Act mirrored for $5. After a month we will call and drop the 2nd Rec off her Act and I can put it away until I can use it. BTW there isn't a LENGTH of service agreement so I hope not to have a problem.
    Will I have to actually unpack the unit and hook it up or can we just call in the SN to add it? I am thinking I will have to unpack it and let it call in on her Tel line so they know it is at the same location and it will no longer have a "virgin" card. The above on their part to prevent piracy. I don't care about that (pirating is a pain in the ass) it would just be a lot less trouble if I didn't have to unpack and hook it up.
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    They want to make sure that you are not spending $99. just for the card, so call them up and explain that you couldn't pass on the deal and will be moving soon. I think they can 'suspend' your account, (but keep the card number on record) until you call them back from your next place.

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