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Will Blue-Ray HDMI connect to DVI w HDCP? (1 Viewer)

Jan 18, 1999
I'm looking into buying a Blue-Ray or HD-DVD player. My Tv has a "DVI with HDCP digital input". Will I be able to connect the HDMI output of a Blue-Ray/HD-DVD player to my Tv?

My Tv displays a max of 1080i. If I can't use the HDMI output can I use the component output and still enjoy the benefits of a Blue-Ray/HD-DVD player?

I just want to make sure that if I buy one of these players that I will see the difference in picture quality with my current 1080i tv.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Since this was posted back in Jan 1999, I am sure Mr. Barrington has already learned this, but just for the rest of us I will add my experience with this exact question. I spent large chunk of change on a Sony 60" HDTV pre-HDMI (by about 6 months). It's HD input is DVI. When Sony's Blu Ray format became standard, I attempted to add a player to my system. Now everything I have is Sony, TV, Blu Ray Player, the Blu Ray format is even a Sony format. Would not work for anything. I talked to many technicians at Sony and did lots of research and finally figured out that the DVI on my TV does actually have a HDCP chip but the conversion cable from HDMI-to-DVI does not allow the HDCP chip in the player to authenticate communication with that in my TV. So the conversion cable does not fly. It still works for HDTV over cable but probably only until I have to upgrade the cable box. There are no known Blu Ray players with DVI output. I later learned that the HDCP chips are fairly hard coded, there is no software that can be updated or even firmware to be "burned" which is unfortunate because the older versions of HDCP, which of course the DVI will have, will not be compatible with the newer HDCP 2.0 chips. Sony is a major player in DRM due to it's music and movie interests but here I am with major investments in Sony components that play Sony formats but that are not compliant with Sony driven DRM standards. Major, major scam.

aj connolly

Jan 8, 2012
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allen connolly
i have an older model rca hdtv with dvi input.i bought the adapter to connect a hdmi cable from my blue ray player.when i put the tv on dvi input it shows no picture.can someone give me an answer as to why?

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