Will Artist Royalty Issues Hobble Hirez?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Lee Scoggins, Jan 13, 2004.

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    Interesting issue where the publishers and labels are battling...this could require some working out before more albums come out.

    It seems that the artists should get paid for music on every disc sold, but should they get two royaltees on discs where two media coexist like DVDA and SACD?

    A very interesting turf battle.

    What do you think?
  2. Marc Colella

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    That's a tough call.

    Even though, for example, a hybrid SACD has 2 instances of the same recording - it's still only 1 disc that gets sold to the consumer and they can only listen to it at one place at any given time (barring burned copies). So it would make sense that they get paid for the 1 recording.

    However, because it's a hybrid disc - they've lost the potential of earning the additional sales of people buying 2 copies - one for their CD players and the other for their SACD players. In this case it would make sense to compensate for that.

    Tough one.
  3. Rachael B

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    Rachael Bellomy
    The last line of the article is the key. It's the conclusion, not totally predetermined, that I arrived with.

    "Now some (publishers) are being opportunistic in order to make up for old wounds"

    The industry has a history of short sheeting alot of folk's beds, not the Clive Davis types, but everybody else.

    Except for the case of DVD's that also include a soundtrack recording, I smell a ruse, a device or instrument to rectify the poor pay rate. I highly sympathize but this is not really the right way to challenge bad pay? However, give the colossal, titan-ish power of the majors, this may be the only crack in the wall they're facing? So, I'm stille left somewhat sympathetic towards the plantiffs.

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