Will any companies ever put out a WS 38 inch or larger tube TV again?

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  1. Dean L

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    Jan 25, 2000
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    First, I only want direct view.

    I have seen the 38 inch RCA and Proscan models and very impressed w/the size for a direct view.

    Only drawbacks I heard the RCA had serious power supply problems and both models are not flat screens.

    Any diret view 38 inch WS direct views comming out in the near future?

  2. SteveHarvey

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    Dec 16, 2002
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    There will likely NEVER be a tube wider than a 38", which you would know if you've ever seen HD on the Sony 40" or ever moved a 40" Sony. . . they become too heavy, too unwieldy, and tubes just don't work at that size. The price necessary in shipping and moving a television that is that large, its just not worth it.
    The largest tube in widescreen that will likely ever be created is the one in the RCA, which is now discontinued, it is the same tube as used in the Loewe Aconda 9383. They cant make a flatscreen that large, it is impossible at the moment to economically make it. Plus, the market isn't going that way . . . .

    Best largest tube, the Loewe Aconda. website www.loeweus.com
  3. Jeff Gatie

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    Aug 19, 2002
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    I know you stated you only want direct view, but I have to ask why? I used to think I only wanted direct view for all the old reasons - Lack of viewing angle, relative brightness of the displays, poor convergence issues, etc. If these are your reasons (and I apologize if they are not), I strongly urge you to look at the new widescreen HDTV models. I bought a Toshiba 56H80 almost 2 years agon and it is light years ahead of old bigscreen technology. I cannot imagine how today's models have improved (but I imagine they have). The viewing angle in the horizontal is great, almost direct-view comparable. The brightness and detail cannot match any direct-view I ever owned. Convergence is a non-issue since I adjusted it via the service menu. I cannot tell you how many people who shunned RPTV's decided they wanted one after they saw mine.

    Again, if your reasoning is one of size or WAF, forgive me. If your reasons are any of the ones listed above, do yourself a favor and check out the new RPTV's. After you get them off torch mode and really see what they can do, you may be pleasantly surprised.

    When shopping, I recommend doing some online research first and bringing VE or Avia with you to the store. Do a quick adjustment then ask for a reference DVD or bring your own. I did this when I bought mine and the Best Buy salesdrones said "you must know what you're doing, I'll leave you alone to make your decision". After spending and hour with the set, I pulled the trigger and have no regrets.

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