Will adding a pair bookshelfs to a sattelite blow the receiver or speakers?

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    Hey all,
    A buddy of mine has a satellite system, with a "100Wx5" sony receiver. I think it is the str-k05, or something along those lines.
    He has an old pair of bookshelf speakers (low quality but probably better than the satellite fronts he is currently running) that had come with a mini-system from the dark ages and wants to know whether splicing them into the "fronts" will blow the receiver or any of the speakers.
    I am not up on my physics, and was hoping to get some expert advice. From what I do recall, he is increasing the power required to drive the speakers, and clipping may occur more easily as a result of him pushing the receiver too hard and it just not having enough juice. He is an apartment dweller so he will not be cranking the system anytime soon (will likely upgrade before that), so I am wondering if he has anything to lose by running the double speakers as his fronts.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Kevin S.
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    If the receiver has an A/B speaker option, then you should have no problem hooking them up that way. If it does not, then you will likely overdrive the amp and possibly cause damage. If the both speakers are relatively small, then it probably won't put a lot of strain on the amp. Sound quality will be altered, though.
    Only one way to find out...
    Personally, I would just use whichever speakers sounded better.
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  3. Eugene Hsieh

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    I've done this for years with a full-fledged home theater DD receiver. However, I never run at anywhere near max volume so I suspect I'm within the limits of the specs of the receiver, even though the speaker's output impedance has significantly decreased.
    On a small mini-system I'd worry about clipping the amp, however.
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