Will 4 Ohm speakers with HK do damage?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by tttrombone, Feb 19, 2007.

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    I just bought an HK AVR 140 and I am in the process of choosing my speakers. I have my old HTIB speakers but they are 4 ohms. (Samsung speakers from my HT-DS610.) I am not sure if I should use these while shopping around for my new speakers because I dont want to damage either one. I am currently using some OLD tower speakers but want 5.1 sound (Bic H-100 on the way) while looking for speakers. Please advise if its a bad idea to use these.

    Thanks in advance!

    Any advice on a speaker package (without sub) would be great.
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    Hi Tom

    You should be able to use the HTIB speakers with your new HK receiver...however, there is a slight possibility that the HTIB has some kind of equalization specifically designed to accommodate the dedicated HTIB speakers...still, HK is supposed to be able to handle low impedance loads without a problem...I can't really vouch for HK receivers...still, it should be OK...as far as speakers are concerned...I highly recommend speakers from AV123...especially the Onix X-Series...they are currently sold-out until 3/8/07, and for good reason...I have an X-Sub on order in White Shadow Maple...please keep in touch with me.
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    I agree with Arthur........
    If you don't play at high volumes, you should be ok, while you look for more speakers.

    Here are some excellent speakers: http://www.svsound.com/products-sys-sbs_black.cfm
    Scroll down the page a little, and you can click on a link to get just the speakers (without sub), for $599.

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