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Wierd LCD issues... 32MF231D

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Uridian, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Uridian

    Uridian Auditioning

    Nov 29, 2006
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    So my girlfriend and i took the plunge to HDTV LCD last month and I'm noticing some issues with my TV. the TV in question is a Magnavox 32MF231D

    Ok, so the first issue I noticed was what seemed like the image was 'jumping' a few pixels up or down sometimes. my remote arrows move the image on the screen around and it looks almost like each 'jump' is a click for up or down. This is on both HD cable and xbox 360 over component input. i haven't hooked back up the shite coax cable to check if it's the inputs yet. if i scroll all the way up or down with the arrow buttons on the remote, i can see that the image actually creeps up or down a few pixels over 10-30 seconds, then snaps back. is this sort of behavior normal? it's only very very midly annoying and my girlfriend doesn't even notice it, so my only concern is that it could be a warning sign of failure...

    The second issue i noticed just recently (within the last week) when playing on the 360. i noticed a very faint vertical line/bar scrolling at various speeds horizontally across my screen. it goes from very slow to somewhat speedier. when i was watching at a solid pause screen on the 360, i noticed a very very faint image of my cable guide coming through, scrolling slowly, and the 'line' was the edge of the cable image. the line seems to be present now even when the cable box is off. when i unplug the cable box from the TV (component) the line disappears.

    i've been meaning to get a dvi>hdmi cable for the cable box anyway so i can have both xbox 1 and 360 hooked up component and cable box over hdmi anyway, but could this be a sign my TV is on it's way out? it shouldn't be since it's only about a month old now...

    oh, another thing that i hadn't given much thought to was a 'settling' sort of creaking/popping noise that sounded like plastic heating/cooling when i first turn the TV on sometimes. Things do get a little warm so i figured it was normal, but now i wonder...

    thanks in advance for any advice...
  2. WilliamHg

    WilliamHg Stunt Coordinator

    Dec 29, 2002
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    hi matt,
    i have the same LCD. don't have any of those problems though. there is a humming sound i wondered about and called tech support about it and they said it's a cooling thing of some sort that helps keep things from overheating so it is normal, i know that's not what you mentioned though.

    my problem is that the TV picture cuts out once in awhile for about 5 or 10 seconds then comes back. i can still hear audio when it goes out, it's just the screen goes black. last week the audio went out for a few seconds then came back. i have an extended warrenty i bought just in case so i called and said they would have to come pick it up. might take a week or more in the shop so i canceled. it isn't a show stopper so i'm gonna wait and see. if it does it again i may go ahead and send it in. i can exchange it BUT it has to go to the shop twice to be checked out before an exchange can take place. i want to do it before the warrenty runs out which is about another year.
    other than those things i do like the TV. i recently found out it's NOT made by Phillips anymore but made in china, which i didn't know. i'd take yours in to be serviced or exchanged if not to late. good luck. william

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