Widespread Panic's Michael Houser Dead at 40 - Discussion Thread

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    This from RollingStone.com

    Michael Houser, lead guitarist and a founding member of the southern rock jam band Widespread Panic, died in his home at age forty on Saturday, August 10th from complications related to pancreatic cancer.
    Born in Boone, North Carolina, on January 6, 1962, Houser, affectionately known as "Mikey," met band mate John Bell in 1982 while attending the University of Georgia in Athens. The duo became a trio when bassist Dave Schools quit college to join them in 1984. The band derived its name from an in-joke when a frequently stressed-out Houser, whose nickname was already "Panic," decided he'd like to be "Widespread." Drummer Todd Nance and percussionist Domingo "Sunny" Ortiz rounded out the group, and keyboardist John "JoJo" Hermann joined in 1992.

    Despite his soft-spoken manner and his seated position onstage, Houser always stood out. In addition to his unostentatiously creative guitar work, he contributed numerous songs to Widespread Panic's repertoire, including "Gimme," about his wife and "Waker," about his son.

    The band cancelled a scheduled tour through Europe last spring when Houser's illness was first diagnosed, but he continued to play with the band during the first part of its summer tour. He left the road and returned home after a July 2nd show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, due to his failing health.

    On July 16th, a statement from Houser posted on the band's Web site confirmed months of rumors that he was ill, explaining only that he was suffering from terminal cancer and giving the situation as positive a spin as possible, assuring fans that he was well-supported by friends and family and that he looked forward to returning to the stage. "In the words of Lou Gehrig," Houser wrote, "'Though some of you may have thought I have caught a bad break, I feel like the luckiest man in the world' . . . I have hopes of playing again soon, although I can't say for sure when or where."

    A private memorial service will take place in Athens; the band's management would not comment on when. Fans are being asked to conduct their own tributes to commemorate Houser's passing. "In this very sad time," reads a statement from the band, "we encourage you to gather with your Panic families in your hometown and celebrate Michael Houser's life on Monday, August 12th."

    Widespread Panic also ask that any donations be made to the Michael Houser Music Fund, which benefits the Athens Academy. "Through this fund," continues the statement, "the school will be able to provide children with the opportunities to discover the richness and wonder of music that so enriched Michael's own life."

    The Michael Houser Music Fund
    Athens Academy
    PO Box 6548
    Athens, GA 30604

    The future of Widespread Panic -- including plans for this fall and the two remaining concert dates on this tour, August 17th and 18th at the Seven Fiddlers Music Festival at Fiddler's Green in Englewood, Colorado -- remains uncertain.

    Houser is survived by his wife Barbette, his son Waker and his daughter Eva.


    Any fan of the "jam rock" genre will feel a great loss today. Widespread has been integral to the jam scene for years and years. These guys could really put on a show, and anyone who had the fortune to see them live will probably agree.

    With the loss of Phish, and now Widespread Panic, the jam band scene is not nearly as strong. There was more to Widespread Panic than drugs and 3 hour improvisation sets. These guys could really play.

    RIP Michael Houser - You put on a great show.
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    This is truly sad news to me and my heart sank when I read it on the front page. Widespread is one of my favorite bands and Houser was an amazing player. He wil be missed.
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    I had been hearing these rumors for quite some time now, and I assumed them to be true when Mikey didn't make it to the Cleveland show this year. He was a helluva player, and he will be dearly missed by all.

    I do have one thing to add:
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    I can't tell you how many times I saw these guys play live when I attended the University of Georgia. Truly sad.

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