Widescreen and P&S in original spec

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Eric Thrall, Dec 19, 2001.

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    Didn't the original DVD spec include a method of having widescreen and P&S on the same disc? If I remember right, the way it was supposed to work is that each scene would have a "frame" on it, so if I turned on the P&S option, it would take the widescreen image and focus in only on the "framed" area. This would allow a single DVD to include both versions of the movie with very little overhead. I'm guessing that the players aren't fast enough to do that on the fly, because I'm positive it was in the original specification - does anyone know why this isn't used?
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    This gets asked every couple of months. There's no hard information, but there are reports that the authoring of such discs is a nightmare, and they are easily tripped up by hardware incompatibilities (which isn't hard to imagine, given the problems that have been reported with seamless branching on some players).

    As I recall, the first pressing of Criterion's Last Temptation of Christ mistakenly contained an instruction that caused players set for 4:3 P&S to lock onto the center of the image and evenly cut off the sides. I never saw this personally, but it was reported by several people, and I believe the disc was reissued in a corrected form.


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