Why wouldn't I be able to hear the DTS Soundtrack?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by JerryMa, Apr 20, 2005.

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    In the course of working out the new home theater setup, I tried some DVDs that have DTS soundtracks. But when playing a movie with the DTS track selected from the DVD's audio options menu, there's no sound coming from my system. This happened first on Gladiator and then with Master and Commander.

    I thought I read about this issue somewhere, especially with regard to Gladiator, but I don't remember all the particulars of why the DTS soundtrack doesn't work. Can anybody shed any light on this? Thanks!

    btw, I'm running a NAD T762. During receiver setup I chose the Neo6 Cinema surround option, apparently NAD's version of DTS. All surround options of the NAD work with Dolby soundtracks, and I cycled through all of them while the DTS track was selected from the movies mentioned above.
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    If your DVD player is new, go into the DVD players hardware setup menu (usually accessed by pressing the Menu button while there is no disc in the player - every player is different though).

    When you get in there, there will be an option to turn dts on or off. On many models, it is disabled from the factory for some reason.

    If thats not it, I dont know! [​IMG]
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    DTS Neo6 is supposed to be used for converting a 2.0 stereo signal into a surround signal (like Dolby ProLogic). It should not be used on a standard DTS 5.1 track. You should switch your receiver to the normal DTS mode, which that receiver is supposed to have.

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    I concur with the above. You have to switch both "bitstream" and "DTS" to on in the DVD player's setup menu (sometimes only reachable when there is no disk in the player), then set your receiver to "Auto" to automatically decode anything that comes from the DVD player, then choose "DTS" from the DVD's language/audio menu.

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