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Nov 24, 2011
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Sam Aucoin
First, I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year. Second, I hope this has not been covered before - I searched for a similar topic and either my personal searching capability is poor or it has not been covered. I am pairing (tomorrow) a Denon AVR 4810CI with an Oppo 93. Now, everything I have read (and seen, as I am running my Oppo 93 using an HDMI for video only going into a new Panny TC-P55VT30) about Oppo BluRay players seems true - they are fantastic players and price-wise, they cannot be beat. But in reading several reviews of the 4810CI, I have seen numerous comments where the reviewer talks about how excellent the 4810CI upconverts DVDs. For some perspective, this is will be my setup (I have a 4806 that is being replaced by the 4810CI) as of tomorrow: Oppo BDP-93 Panasonic TC-P55VT30 Denon AVR 4810CI M&K 750 series 5.1 speakers My plan (before I read about the excellent upconversion by the 4810CI) was to: 1. Connect the Oppo to the Panny using HDMI for video only. 2. As the 4806 could not decode the latest hi-def codecs, I connected the Oppo to my 4806 using the 5.1 analog outputs, thereby letting the Oppo perform the conversion and sending the converted sound to the 4806 via LCPM. With the 4810CI, I assume that I should change the sound connection so that the Oppo is connected FOR SOUND via HDMI to the 4810CI, as I am assuming that the 4810CI has better decoders than the Oppo. If I am wrong in this assumption, please tell me and I will still run the analog cables between the Oppo and the 4810CI, thereby allowing the Oppo to perform the conversion. Everything I have ever read and experienced regarding sound and video has, as a general rule of thumb, been to put as little between the origin of the media and the device that displays/plays the media (unless, of course, that "something in between" is better than nothing). You have read my question about about the sound connection between the Oppo and the 4810CI - do I go HDMI and let the 4810CI perform the decoding or do I continue to use my analog cables and let the Oppo perform the decoding? My video question is: Do I continue to bypass the receiver (which will be the 4810CI) and go HDMI between the Oppo and the Panny, or do I go Oppo to 4810CI via HDMI and then 4810CI via HDMI to Panny? I assume that the answer depends on whether the Marvel video chip in the Oppo is better or worse than the video processing chip in the 4810CI. Finally, because of the numerous HDMI connections on the Panny and the 4810CI, should I have the video setup different for watching BluRay discs vs. standard DVDs? Thanks in advance for any responses. Regards, Sam


Sep 27, 2008
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Brad Smith
Do you have any other devices that will output to your display? If so, a convenience factor is to have one HDMI cable going from the receiver to the display device and all source components going to the receiver. Generally, the source components are closer to the receiver then display, which allows for shorter cables. Also, it allows you to increase your overall HDMI connections. In addition, while the Oppo may have better or similar video processing, your other source components may not, so going to the receiver for them could be an advantage. I would also imagine that you can turn off the additional receiver video processing, thus providing a straight through signal. So you can always go from Oppo to receiver to display and turn on/off the video processing at either spot and see for yourself if one provides an advantage over the other. From an audio perspective, i would go HDMI over analog out from the Oppo just because once you go analog you lose the receiver's audio processing, which probably has more options then the Oppo. Unless you convert back to digital in the receiver, but then you are adding another conversion to the path. I use the Oppo analog outs because my receiver is older and cannot do the HD processing.

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