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Why Won't Apple TV 2 Work When Apple TV 1 Works Fine with HT Setup? (1 Viewer)

Dave Thomas_316160

Oct 19, 2014
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I have a bit of a Frankenstein home theatre which works fine with the original Apple TV. However my kids have been bugging me to upgrade to the Apple TV 2 so they can get features like Netflix.

I have the sound working fine, using an optical cable into the back of my ancient Onkyo TS-DX676 receiver (about 15 years old and limping along). I hook up the Apple TV using an HDMI to DVI cable that is connected to a Geffen switch box (HDCP compatible) called a Connect It. This goes through a longish (20 feet) DVI cable to my InFocus 7205 projector (as you can see the system is old but has been amazing over the 10 years we've had it.

Never any problems with the 7205 being compatible with the Apple TV 1. However, with the Apple TV 2, the 7205 isn't locking onto the image. Instead, it keeps recycling trying to connect but with no success. There is something of an image but it is really just gobbledy goop (very technical term; look it up!).

Anybody have an idea on what could be wrong? What would the differences be between the signal from the Apple TV 1 and 2 that would result in the 2 not working with the same setup that the 1 works on fine? Do I need to upgrade some cabling? Is it an issue with the 7205? It does 1080i but not 1080p. Is there a setting that needs to be changed on the Apple TV?

Thanks very much,


Steve Tannehill

R.I.P - 4.28.2015
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Jul 6, 1997
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Steve Tannehill
My guess is that you need a straight HDMI cable (no DVI) or a different switch box. My Apple TV 2 and 3's will only work with a direct connection to my TV, and not through my Monoprice 4x1 HDMI switcher.

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