Why SW:TPM isn't the perfect DVD...

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  1. Artur Meinild

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    This is a very great DVD, but it could have been better... Here's why:
    1. The transfer has EE. This should not be allowed, and it's beyond me why a digital transfer wasn't used...
    (Perhaps there have to be room for improvement for the next release?) [​IMG]
    2. There's episode 2 footage found on VHS, which is not on this DVD!!! tsk-tsk-tsk...
    3. THE CASE SUCKS!!! this is the most flimsy and ineffective type of double case, why has Fox gone away from the ALPHA???
    Aside from this, it's a nice DVD! [​IMG] Keep up the good work Fox and Lucasfilm!
    ~ Stud. Polyt. ~ Artur Meinild ~
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  2. Patrick McCart

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    Patrick McCart
    Rest assured, the movie was digitally mastered (hence the THX certification.)
    As far as I know, there are no THX DVD's that use analog transfers.
    P.S.: There's no P.S.
  3. Jeff Kleist

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    What he's referring to is the ACTUAL digital master for TPM, used for the digital theatrical projections. The DVD was sourced from a 35mm film print at the request of George Lucas, who feels that digital transfers are great for CG-only films, but that he preferrs a movie shot on film to be film-based. Now Episode 2 will probably be transferred digitally
    Jeff Kleist

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