Why shhot the teacher, who has seen the wind while witnessing starship invasions? 3 Canadian films w

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    Starship Invasions would seem an ideal Warner Archive release-but, seeing that its a Hal Roach production -does Warner still control this tiltle?
    At the time of its release it was "touted" as a Star Wars ripoff- and with its shooting title of Alien Encounters it also predated another 1977 scifi blockbuster in title only.
    While its not a great film--its a fun one , with a great cast. It was released in New York in February 1978 -but showed up on network television only 3 months later-in time for May sweeps month. Does anyone remember if this played anywhere else prior to Feb 1978? A few months later -September -the Osmonds film Goin Cocoanuts was released in September only to show on network tv in November.
    Why Shoot the Teacher? is an interesting film from the director of Georgy Girl. Bud Cort gives a nice performance and Samantha Eggar is as always beautiful. This was a Quartet theatrical release that was on Embassy video when most Quartet films went to RCA/Columbia video. Not quite sure who owns this.
    Who Has Seen the Wind is an above par nature movie with beautiful cinematography.
    I'm aware that Canadian films have jumbled rights issues-but these 3 come to mind as deserving of dvd release.
    The other i'd like to see is Middle Age Crazy-is this now owned by Kroft?
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    Isn't there a Warner Achive topic this would have fit into?

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