Why is the sensitivity of center channels greater?

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    Just wondering why center channels have a sensitivity spec greater than the L and R speakers. I don't know if this is true for all ht speaker packages but for many that I've read about this has been the case. Won't this result in a louder center channel vs the l and r speakers forcing you to lower the volome on it? Maybe there's a reason for it...
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    Sensitivity is a function of the number of speakers and

    the design and the efficiency of the speakers used.

    For exampe lets compare a set of Tower mains and a Center

    that use the exact same Mid/High section. The sensitivity

    of the Towers will generaly be a tad lower than the center

    due to the fact that the Towers also have a sub woofer built

    into the cabinent and the Cener does not have this.

    The more speakers, the more power it takes to drive them

    all at a particular refrence and thus the less sensitive

    it will be. Even cheap speakers in a cheap center section

    "could" be more efficient volume wise than a set of big

    buck towers just because it takes less power to drive the

    center. This doesn't make the center better.. Just a little

    more efficient. Of course there are always more variables

    than this, but that was a general rationalization of sensitivity.

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