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why is it a producer of a record but a director of a movie? (1 Viewer)

andrew markworthy

Senior HTF Member
Sep 30, 1999
This is the sort of dumb question which occurs to me whilst on anti-histamine pills (previous examples include 'why aren't toilet pans coated in Teflon?'). The nearest equivalent job to director of a movie in the audio world is arguably the producer of an album, so why isn't the latter called a director as well?

Artur Meinild

Aug 10, 2000
Because the director of the album *should* be the artist, not the producer!
At least that's how I see it, and I'm a musician myeslf!
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Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
Although I do agree, mostly, with Artur (in some cases however the outside guidance of a producer is what it takes to make a good band a great band...) -- Also I think the role of "producer" is extremely misunderstood. Moreso, I think anyone in the world who's worked in music can tell you that bands often make the worst "producers" for their material as they tend to harp on the unimportant. Ask any band after their first trip into a studio - you'll hear about the millions of mistakes they made. That type of thing extends to the big leagues and first time producers as well.
I work as an "engineer" (my own self-assumed title) and often play the role of a "producer"- and I would say that you are giving some musician's Waaaaaaaaaay too much credit to assume that they have any skills to operate as a producer, or to"direct" an album.
Now, in terms of the original question, the problem is the parallels are not all that perfect- in fact the roles and how music is created is quite different than the Movie game. There are jobs that are present in the Music game, that are unnecessary in film- and vice versa.
Also, the added element of music having different types of releases: performers vs. songwriters. In the case of movies, the actors are simply tools for a writer and director. In music, this is true for some styles, but not for others.
Also the role of a PRODUCER in music stretches, often, beyond the role of Director for film- as much of the relations jobs with the funding and coordination falls to the producer in music.
So really, it comes down to 2 different ballgames- same reason you don't call the Quarterback in football a pitcher- the jobs are similar but not always the same.
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