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Dustin B

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Mar 10, 2001
I just got back from the movie theater where I saw Harry Potter (almost as good as the book by the way, so definately worth a watch). However, the theater came damn close to wrecking the movie.
First off, even though we had advanced tickets and showed up to wait in line for over 30 min before we were let in to the theater, I still ended up in the third row from the front. In this particular theater (city is 100,000 and this was the only theater showing it) that means you are so close to the screen you see the screens texture making the movie look grainy. Add to that the picture was a little bit out of focus and that the film was already showing wear from the multiple playings (I attended the latest showing there was today, more on this later).
The screen is so large when this close you literally have to turn your head 30 degrees in either direction to see the entire screen (it just barely all fits into the extremes of your peripheral vision). You're also far enough below the screen that you are forced to slouch badly in the chairs for the entire movie in order to be remotely comfortably looking up at the screen. When you're 6' tall this also means your knees end up jabbed into the seats in front of you. End result being I left the theater with sore knees, a sore lower back, a sore neck and a sore ass.
Sound, a theater just can't compete (at least not one of them here can) with the clean sound and deep bass a desent set of hometheater speakers can produce. Mines a modest system save the sub. Even with the sub its only a little over $2000 CDN. The mid to high frequencies were shrill and had audible distortion. Especially during the quidich (sp?) scene. Low bass was none existent (but what can you expect in a room that large.
The best part, even though it was the last showing that ended well after midnight, the theater was filled with young kids that felt it necessary to scream a lot and commentate the movie to each other.
All in all, one awefull movie going experience that ended with a trek down sticky stairs and back to the car. So bad infact that instead of talking about how great the movie was, my friends and I were bitching about how bad the theater was.
Makes one appreciate HT just that much more. I only wish I had the will power to wait 6-9 months to rent Harry Potter on DVD. Would have been infinitely more enjoyable at home. To make matters worse, I think I'm gonna break down on Lord of the Rings next month too.
Oh ya, and I payed $10 for this wonderful experience. I think I need my head examined, especially since I plan on doing it again next month. Something must be wrong with me.
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My Adire Tempest Sonosub


Nov 27, 2000
I hear ya. This is exactly why I haven't been to the local cinema in 2 years.


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