Why does "remastered" means to DVDs?

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    I understand that classic movies on DVDs are being remastered for picture/sound quality purposes, but is there more to remastering that I should know?
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    Usually they will use the word "Remastered" to imply that any previous versions that you may already own look like absolute crap, and you should dump them immediately and get the newer version. Of course, that's not always true [​IMG]
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    Most of the times, it means a new and better transfer. The remastering goes for video and audio.
    Citizen Kane's DVD is a great example. Also, a quality remaster has to do with the source. Anyone could use the same Moulin Rouge transfer settings for a beatup 8mm faded Eastmancolor 5th generation dupe from 10th generation 9.5mm of All Quiet on the Western Front. But using those settings along with the restored interpositive to 8 1/2, along with some digital restoration can produce a top-notch DVD image.
    On the other hand, you could take the restoration IP for Lawrence of Arabia and make an average DVD transfer.
    Or you can go the Madacy way by making a digital transfer of a lousy 16mm print of Metropolis and transfer the VHS to DVD "digitally" and make a mess. [​IMG]

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