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Why does everyone always go ballistic over inserts? (1 Viewer)

Randy A Salas

Apr 25, 2002
Why, where do YOU guys put the case while you're viewing the disc that came from it?
Well, I'm firmly in the camp of viewers who could care less about cover art and insert cards. I watch the DVD, after all; I don't stare at the case.

Typically, I'll have read any printed production notes before putting in the DVD. While watching the movie, the lights are out and the case is usually sitting on the floor in front of the entertainment center.

The only time the case and insert card come in handy is when we're playing darts in the back of the room and I have a music DVD playing. It is easier in that situation to glance at the listings and skip to another song if needed. That's the only time I feel compelled to have that material nearby.

Kwang Suh

Supporting Actor
Sep 4, 1999
Actually, 4-color inserts like the ones in DVDs are relatively expensive, compared to other print media.

Having said, I'm sure most of us would pay the extra 15 centes for them.

Terry St

Second Unit
Jun 21, 2002
I almost never read inserts unless they're particularly interesting. However, it's nice to know they're there. Inserts are one of those little touches that let you know that at least one person out there cared just a tiny little bit, even if the transfer was blatantly ripped from VHS. Sometimes the insert people care a little too much though. I didn't really need a catalog of the latest releases and several super duper "buy 5 get 1 free" deals that all expired in January of 2001! Those of you who continually get expired freebie deals put up your hands! I swear I've gotten expired 2001 deals in movies that didn't hit theaters until 2002.

You know you're anal when you actually keep those in the cases because you want to preserve the DVD as you bought it for all time. Then you lament the violated plastic wrap and security stickers...

A lot of titles just come with a single flimsy sheet for a liner. That's all well and good, but the clips can't get a grip on it! Every time you open the case you've got to juggle the sheet that wants to fall out.

Then there's those Criterion novelettes... Good show, but guys, use cases with heftier clips! If you buy a few Criterion's over the net at least one of them is bound to come with a massive booklet that has managed to break the clips off during shipping. It would be nice if DVD e-tailers would introduce metal spiked boxes to discourage shippers from using them as soccer balls...

P.S. What's everyone's favorite glue for fixing broken liner clips?


Senior HTF Member
Jun 15, 2001
Think about all the different designs to various screen selection menus, and how much an irritation many of them can be, and you see where I'm coming from
I agree with David. If all DVDs had a standard menu configuration that always worked the same way I'd have no problem with the lack of an insert.


Stunt Coordinator
Jun 24, 1999
As a collector, I want everything that was supposed to be included with the disc. If the disc never came with an insert, like the MGM Midnite Movies etc., I don't care then. I just want everything I paid for and to have a complete piece of my collection.

Sean Campbell

Second Unit
Dec 6, 2002
I only like inserts if they include production photos or other artwork not included on the box itself. If they're simply a replica of the box art then I don't really have a use for them - and seeing chapter titles can give the ending away if you haven't seen the movie before :)
I've bought a few DVDs that were supposed to come with inserts but had none... I didn't mourn the loss.

People seem to go equally ballistic about OBI strips on Japanese CDs.... I usually throw them in the bin :)

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