Why can't I get DD audio?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Hanson, Mar 25, 2005.

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    I just got a new optical cable to connect my Fortissimo III 7.1 to my Onkyo receiver. I changed all the settings in the programs to SPDIF out. For some reason, the best I can do is DPL2 and not DD 5.1 no matter what. I am using Power DVD, VLC, and WMP, but none of them seems to want to pass through DD 5.1 via SPDIF. Is there something I need that I don't have or is this a hardware issue?
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    Hm...I'm not really familiar with the Fortissimo sound cards. However, since you are getting sound out of it, I would assume that the S/PDIF output from the sound card perspective should be working properly. You might want to check sound card settings to make sure there aren't any specific settings like turning on AC3 for S/PDIF, which is something I've seen on other systems before.

    One clue may be, can you tell if the receiver is getting a PCM signal or an AC-3 signal? My marantz receiver will indicate it.

    Check the software application again to make sure it is setup right. For powerdvd, it should be in the Audio configuration menu, with speaker environment set to S/PDIF.

    If I leave it on it's default of 2 speaker, then the output will go to my receiver through S/PDIF, but as PCM, which my receiver then converts to DD Prologic 2. If the speaker environment is set to S/PDIF, then it comes up as the correct format.

    I don't think you're seeing a hardware issue, since you are at least getting a signal. It sounds to me that there's a setting in the computer somewhere that isn't setup properly, so it's outputting the audio in PCM instead of AC-3.

    Oh, and captain obvious says to make sure the disc you are playing has a DD 5.1 soundtrack, and is setup properly from the disc menu standpoint.

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