Why am I having problems writing CD TEXT to CD-Rs on my computer?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by KeithH, Jul 12, 2003.

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    When I get Japanese and West German first pressings on CD, I always copy them to CD-Rs so as to not mess up the original through routine handling. In burning CD-Rs, I always include CD TEXT since I have compatible players. Now that I got a new computer yesterday, I am having problems including CD TEXT. Here are specs. for the new computer. Maybe some of them are irrelevant.

    Dell Dimension 8300
    2.66-MHz Pentium 4
    512 MB RAM
    Windows XP
    Samsung CD-R/RW SW-248F CD burner
    Roxio Easy CD Creator Version SP8 CD burning software

    As for CD-Rs, I have tried both Sony and Philips 80-minute discs. I have also tried burning at 4x and 8x.

    O.K., so I rip the tracks from the original CD to the hard drive. Then I drag the files to the "music CD project" window in Easy CD Creator. I then assign a name to the disc, artist, and all tracks prior to burning to a CD-R. The particular CD I have been trying to make a CD-R of is the Japanese Jimi Hendrix Kiss The Sky target CD. (If you don't know what a "target CD", we can discuss that, but it's not germane to this discussion. [​IMG]) Here is the nomenclature I have been using for the disc name for the CD-R:


    When I then put the finalized CD-R in a CD TEXT-compatible player, such as my Sony SCD-C555ES and 'C333ES, I notice that it takes a long time to read the TOC (much longer than with other CD-Rs, pre-recorded CDs, and SACDs). Then this is what I see for the disc name:

    JIMI HENDRIX KISS THE SKyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyet)

    Also, there are no names assigned to the individual tracks, even though I entered them on Easy CD Creator. I have the "Write CD-TEXT" option selected on Easy CD Creator.

    What gives? It occurred to me that my burner may not be compatible with CD TEXT, but to my mind, that would be odd for a burner provided with a brand new computer. I would expect incompatibility with some older burners. If there is a compatibility problem, then why would I see any text? I have made five CD-Rs, four with Sony discs and one with a Philips disc, thinking that I had a bad CD-R or the wrong write speed for the blank discs. I even ripped the tracks from the original Hendrix CD a second time. Unfortunately, I got the same messed up text. [​IMG]

    I should mention that I previously had a two-year-old Dell Dimension L1100R with a 1.1-MHz Pentium 3 and 256 MB of RAM and running Windows ME with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.2. The burner on that computer was one from Dell. I never had a problem with CD TEXT. [​IMG]
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    Hey Keith
    I dont know if this has anything to do with your problem
    I have been replacing the cds in my megachangers (700 slots) with ones with text on them.Luckly I am almost done. Yesterday I got the new Liz Phair CD and it allows you to download an EP from a site. So everything is fine till I try and play it and it says I need to update licences or something (didn't pay attention)
    Next thing I know I cant download titles of any CD or write them as text.
    I have tried to go back before I downloaded it but nothing works?
    I am pissed to say the least

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