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Why 2x4's? (1 Viewer)


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Feb 5, 2003
Excerpt from my construction site:

My next task was to attach the water pressure treated baseboards to the floor, on which will sit the steel framing structure. I used 2X4 P/T lumber for the baseboards. To attach them to the concrete, I used a combination of liquid nails and a power hammer. I used a Remington Power hammer with #4 loads (for attaching a 2X4 to concrete) with 2 1/2" power hammer nails. I put one nail in each end of the 2X4 and zig zagged the liquid nails on the side facing the floor.
Someone recommended a hilti nail gun to me as well, but I already had the power hammer so I used it instead. I'm sure the hilti nail gun would have worked as well.

I was amazed at how easy it was to pry the boards up with just my hands when I tried only using adhesive. So I would definately recommend physically attaching them with the hilti nail gun, power hammer, etc.

BTW - I recommend putting the power/hilti nails in AFTER attaching the steel stud tracks. Otherwise, the nail heads can stick up and contort the stud track. I drilled holes in the steel track, then drove power nails through the stud into the floor.

Can you tell I learned a lot of stuff the hard way? :)

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