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WHV Press Release: "The Ben Stiller Show"

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Ronald Epstein, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. Ronald Epstein

    Ronald Epstein Founder

    Jul 3, 1997
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    Ronald Epstein
    "Rip-Roaring Hilarious"
    The Los Angeles Times

    Debuting On DVD, June 3

    BURBANK, CA (April 2, 2003) - In 1992, Ben Stiller (There's Something About
    Mary, Meet the Parents) and co-creator Judd Apatow (The Cable Guy, Freaks
    and Geeks) attempted to revolutionize, or at least resuscitate, television
    sketch comedy. Unfortunately, despite a loyal core group of fans, not
    enough people "got it" and The Ben Stiller Show was cancelled in 1993. A
    decade later, however, the Emmy Award-winning comedy show has become a cult
    favorite and to celebrate that phenomenon, Warner Home Video (WHV) is
    releasing every single episode of The Ben Stiller Show on DVD, June 3, 2003.
    Now fans can see Ben and his inspired group of comedians--Janeane Garofalo
    (Mystery Men), Bob Odenkirk (Mr. Show) and Andy Dick (NewsRadio)-anytime
    they want. The Ben Stiller Show will be available in a 2-disc boxed set,
    for $34.98 SRP.

    The Ben Stiller Show premiered on Fox in the Fall of 1992, delivering 12
    episodes (plus one unaired episode) of cutting edge sketch comedy. The show
    had three things going for it: A great cast, an inspired comic sensibility
    and the best segues between skits since Monty Python's Flying Circus. Joyce
    Miller of the San Francisco Examiner was effusive in her praise, calling The
    Ben Stiller Show, "the most spectacular, thoroughly original Fox series
    debut since The Simpsons." Ironically, after its cancellation, the show won
    the Emmy for Comedy Writing, beating out Saturday Night Live and two other
    Fox sketch shows, In Living Color and The Edge. Proof positive that,
    despite bad time slots, someone out there had a sense of humor.

    Since that time, The Ben Stiller Show and its cast have been honored by the
    US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, The Academy of Television Arts And
    Sciences and, in 1999, the Museum of Television and Radio showcased the
    series in both New York and Los Angeles. The show has also continued to
    develop an audience following its syndication run on Comedy Central.

    The DVD version of The Ben Stiller Show includes commentaries by Ben
    Stiller, his entire cast and writers for the show on seven key episodes; A
    Brief History of The Ben Stiller Show including alternate versions of the
    pilot and two early parodies made for MTV; five unaired sketches with
    optional commentary; nine outtakes; an E! "Behind The Scenes" Special and an
    Easter Egg with "Melrose Heights" commentary by Ben Stiller and Bob


    1. Sketches include: U2, The Early Years, Cape Munster (Spoof of Cape
    Fear with Stiller as Eddie Munster), Ben's Video Diary, What Is Sexy?,
    Michael Pheret, Agent (guest starring Roseanne & Tom Arnold and Gary
    Shandling) and Last Stand of Yakov Smirnoff.
    2. Melrose Heights 90210-2402 is introduced, along with Skank, Tom
    Cruise: Dress Casual, Tonight Show Auditions and Cops In Salem, Mass. Guest
    stars include: Bobcat Goldthwait, Todd Bridges, Norman Fell and Ernie
    3. Running gags about Bruce Springsteen and Star Trek frame sketches
    including Amish Studs, The Quest For Space, Michael Pheret - Talent Agency
    and What Is Sexy? Guests include James Doohan, Run DMC, Jeanne Triplehorn.
    4. Trendy Melrose Avenue in Hollywood is skewered throughout the show,
    framing sketches including Skank Goes Blind (guest starring Todd Bridges),
    Cops In Ancient Egypt, Low-Budget Tales of Cliched Horror and B-Minus Time
    5. Colin Quinn, Casey Kasem and Adam West co-star in sketches which
    include, Opening From A Train Museum, Annoying Guy At A Restaurant, Melrose
    Heights 90210-2402, Anti-Drug Lecture and Information 411.
    6. Sketches include, Oliver Stone Land, Pan American Salesman Of The
    Year, Jake Steele Marionette Cop, Blue & White Shampoo, Bomb Squad and the
    introduction of Ask Manson. Sarah Jessica Parker co-stars.
    7. More humor at The Boss' expense in Counting With Bruce Springsteen
    and other sketches like Grady's Oats, The Grungies, Stiller's Wheel Of
    Filler - Jewish Fly Guys, Video Diary, Of Buildings And Women. Rob Morrow
    and Dana Gould co-star.
    8. Gary Shandling, Gary Coleman, Danny Bonaduce and Alex Karris co-star
    in sketches which include Hair Styling With Bruce, Woody Allen's Bride Of
    Frankenstein, Bad Twist Ending Theater, Ask Manson and America's Most
    9. Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers plays basketball with Ben, framing
    sketches such as Mohican Master 2000 & Jazzercise With Wolves, Die Hard 12:
    Die Hungry, Ask Manson, Skank and The Let-Go Clinic. Guests include David
    Cassidy, Gary Coleman and Hervé Villechaize.
    10. Dennis Miller and Danny Bonaduce co-star in sketches which include
    Three Men And An Old Man, Manson, Casting Call: Beethoven, America's Most
    Suspicious, Casting Call: Mighty Ducks and Tito Gallegos - Pig Latin Lover.
    11. Antics on California beaches frame sketches like Relaxation Tape,
    Roundtable Takes On Skank, Headslammer's Ball, Andy Dick's Political
    Children's Theatre and Bruce Springsteen Makes An Answering Machine Message
    12. A Few Good Scouts, Cops In Medieval Times, American Profiles -
    Hightech Hillbillies, Words We Can Use, The Legend Of T.J. O'Pootertoot and
    Grady's Oats.
    13. The lost Ben Stiller Show episode includes Zoo TV At Night, Otto The
    Anti-Cupid, Kreepee Board, Michael Pheret, 30-Second Conspiracy Theory,
    Jacques Cousteau In The Recording Studio and Leslie Chapman -

    About Warner Home Video:
    With operations in 78 international territories Warner Home Video Inc.,
    commands the largest distribution infrastructure in the global video
    marketplace. Warner Home Video's film library is the largest of any studio,
    offering top quality new and vintage titles from the repertoires of Warner
    Bros. Pictures Inc., Turner Entertainment Co., Castle Rock Entertainment,
    HBO Home Video and New Line Home Entertainment.
  2. Dennis Pagoulatos

    Dennis Pagoulatos Supporting Actor

    Feb 3, 1999
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    This is awesome! Thanks for the news, Ron. I was a loyal fan of this show (and Stiller since then) so I'm royally psyched to get a chance to own these classics. [​IMG]


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