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    Warner Home Video and Village Roadshow Pictures Present
    A Groundbreaking Collection of Nine Short Films
    >From the Creators of The Matrix Trilogy
    Featuring Techno Soundtrack Including Juno Reactor,
    Massive Attack, Death in Vegas & More
    Music Supervised By DJ Jason Bentley

    Worldwide Release June 3 on DVD & VHS

    Burbank, Calif., February 4, 2003 - After breaking domestic and
    international box-office and DVD sales records, garnering four Academy
    Awards® and setting the standard by which all futuristic action films are
    measured, The Matrix is poised to break new ground with the
    highly-anticipated release of Warner Home Video and Village Roadshow
    Pictures' The Animatrix.

    An unprecedented fusion of CG-animation and Japanese anime, The Animatrix is
    a collection of nine original short films conceived by the Wachowski
    Brothers, the creators of The Matrix trilogy. Inspired by the visionary
    action and innovative storytelling that power the trilogy, this
    spectacularly visual short film series delves deeper into the mind-bending
    world of The Matrix and the characters who inhabit it. Created in the anime
    style pioneered by Japanese animation artists and helmed by world-renowned
    anime directors, The Animatrix also features the voices of actors Keanu
    Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) in two of the shorts.

    One complete episode from The Animatrix, The Final Flight of the Osiris,
    will accompany the worldwide release of the supernatural thriller
    Dreamcatcher when it debuts in theaters on March 21. Written by Larry and
    Andy Wachowski, this nine-minute computer-generated short serves as an
    explosive prelude to The Matrix Reloaded.

    The Animatrix debuts worldwide on DVD and videocassette on June 3, between
    the release of the next two films in The Matrix trilogy - The Matrix
    Reloaded, which opens theatrically on May 15, followed by The Matrix
    Revolutions, which debuts in theaters in November. The Animatrix will be
    available on DVD for $24.98 SRP/$19.95 MAP and on VHS for $19.98 SRP/$13.95
    MAP from Warner Home Video (WHV).

    The Animatrix features an eclectic techno soundtrack supervised by renowned
    DJ/producer/remixer Jason Bentley with some of today's hottest electronica
    artists such as Juno Reactor, Death in Vegas, Massive Attack, Meat Beat
    Manifesto and others. The original score for the project is provided by Don
    Davis, who crafted the music for all three films in The Matrix trilogy.

    The Animatrix features short films directed by some of the world's premiere
    anime filmmakers, including:
    * Yoshiaki Kawajiri (writer/director of the anime classics
    Ninja Scroll and Vampire
    Hunter D)
    * Shinchiro Watanabe (writer/director of the anime feature
    Cowboy Bebop)
    * Koji Morimoto (animation supervisor of the seminal anime
    film Akira)
    * Mahiro Maeda (director of the sci-fi anime series Blue
    Submarine No. 6)
    * Takeshi Koike (lead animator on several of director Yoshiaki
    Kawajiri's films including Wicked City)
    * Peter Chung (creator and director of the popular MTV series
    Aeon Flux)
    * Andy Jones (animation director for the stunning CG film
    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within)

    This "ultimate dream team" of anime collaborators provides The Animatrix
    with the creative power to take viewers on a cerebral journey of
    cutting-edge animation, mind-blowing visuals and pulse-pounding music.

    To generate early awareness for the release, fans will be able to view
    several complete episodes before street date as well as learn more about The
    Animatrix by visiting www.theanimatrix.com.

    "The Animatrix is certain to become the genre-defining standard by which all
    other anime films are judged. More than three years in the making at
    animation studios in Japan, Korea and the U.S. with some of the most revered
    talent in the anime world, The Animatrix is truly a not-to-be-missed
    experience," said Mike Saksa, WHV vice president U.S. marketing. "With the
    release of The Animatrix along with The Matrix two-disc Special Edition DVD,
    the two theatrical films, the new video game and other ancillary projects
    spawned by the franchise, 2003 is strategically poised to become 'The Year
    of The Matrix.'"


    The Animatrix DVD is highlighted by the following special features:
    * Scrolls to Screen - The History and Culture of Anime
    * Seven "making-of" featurettes including director profiles
    featuring interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at each film
    * Four audio commentaries (featured on the films The Second
    Renaissance Pt. 1 & 2, Program and World Record) - all with Japanese audio
    and English subtitles
    * Enter the Matrix Game Trailer - exclusive look into the
    creation of the "Enter The Matrix" video game, featuring interviews from
    some of the film's stars including Jada Pinkett and Carrie-Anne Moss


    The Final Flight of the Osiris
    Written by Andy and Larry Wachowski; Directed by Andy Jones
    Animation and production design by Square USA, Inc.
    The crew of the hovercraft Osiris must get a message back to Zion, a message
    of vital importance. Easy to do, but for the armada of Sentinels between
    them and Zion.

    The Second Renaissance - Parts 1 and 2
    Written by Andy and Larry Wachowski; Directed by Mahiro Maeda
    Animation and production design by Studio4°C, Tokyo
    The Genesis of the Matrix: the last cities of mankind, the war with the
    machines, and humanity's ultimate downfall. An epic guided tour of the Zion
    archives and the history of the Matrix.

    Kid's Story
    Written by Andy and Larry Wachowski; Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe
    Animation and production design by Studio4°C, Tokyo
    Sitting in his high school classroom, THE KID gets a personalized invitation
    from Neo (voiced by Keanu Reeves) to escape the Matrix. But finding an exit
    proves more difficult than he ever imagined.

    Written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri
    Animation and production design by Madhouse Studios, Tokyo
    In the simulated world of a Samurai training program, CIS, a soldier of
    Zion, is forced to choose between love and her comrades in the real world.

    World Record
    Written by Yoshiaki Kawajiri; Directed by Takeshi Koike
    Animation and production design by Madhouse Studios, Tokyo
    Through an incredible combination of will power and physical strength, DAN,
    a world-record-holding sprinter, breaks out of the Matrix and gets an
    all-too-brief glimpse of the real world beyond.

    Written and directed by Koji Morimoto
    Animation and production design by Studio4°C, Tokyo
    In a quiet town where all is not as it seems, YOKO finds a bug in the
    system: an abandoned mansion in which anything seems possible. And then
    the exterminators arrive to "de-bug".

    Detective Story
    Written and directed by Shinichiro Watanabe
    Animation and production design by Studio4°C, Tokyo
    Hard-boiled private investigator ASH tracks cyber-criminal TRINITY (voiced
    by Carrie-Anne Moss) through the looking glass...

    Written and directed by Peter Chung
    Animation and production design by DNA, Seoul
    A small group of rebels have captured a sentient robot and proceed to
    program it to act as an ally for their cause. They succeed too well in
    teaching the robot to prefer their "human Matrix" to machine reality. And
    the robot's appetite for the "human Matrix" may exceed the humans' ability
    to supply it.

    The Matrix revolutionized science-fiction action films and boggled the minds
    of moviegoers, becoming one of the most successful sci-fi films of all time,
    with a domestic box-office gross of nearly $172 million. Recently inducted
    into the DVD Premiere Academy of Artistic Achievement, the DVD was the first
    ever to reach sales of three million units. Voted "DVD of the Year" by the
    Video Software Dealers Association at the first annual DVD Festival 2000
    Awards, it has sold over 15 million units worldwide, and its fiercely
    dedicated fan base has spread feverish anticipation of The Matrix sequels
    across the Internet.

    DVD SRP $24.98/$19.95 MAP
    VHS SRP $19.98/$13.95 MAP
    Street Date: June 3, 2003
    Languages: ENG (5.1), JAP (5.1)
    Subtitles: ENG, FR, SPAN
    Program Running Time: Approx 90 mins.
    DVD Running Time: Approx 180 mins.
    Rating: Not Rated
    Dolby/Digital [CC]
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    Dunno 'bout everybody else, but I am really looking forward to this!
  3. oscar_merkx

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    Apr 15, 2002
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    absolutely same here

  4. Max Leung

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    Sep 6, 2000
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    Ooooh...Peter Chung did some work for it. [​IMG]
  5. Andrew Chong

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    May 7, 2002
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    On top of everything else great about this release:
  6. ChrisMatson

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    Dec 14, 2000
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    I had hoped these would be released on DVD before Reloaded hits the theaters. I am looking forward to adding them to my collection.
  7. Brian Kidd

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    Two of the episodes are available for viewing online at this website.

    They're pretty cool. Definitely leave you wanting more, which is good.
  8. JustinCleveland

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    Justin Cleveland
    I was excited for this set at first, but after viewing a couple of the shorts on the Internet, I'm going to say that it's not that appealing to me anymore. It just seems like a loose collection of stories, and not a sweeping backstory like it originally appeared.
  9. Ted Lee

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    May 8, 2001
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    unfortunately, i'm kinda with justin.

    i was uber-hyped when i first heard about this. but after checking the shorts online, i was less than impressed.

    maybe i'll get a chance to check out the rest first. for now, color me undecided.
  10. TheLongshot

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