WHV Press Release: Any Given Sunday Director's Cut (Blu-ray)

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    “The Most Earthshaking Game of Football Ever Put on Film.”
    - David Ansen, Newsweek


    Scores on Blu-ray Hi-Def with a Full Line-Up of Exciting Extras

    January 27 from Warner Home Video

    Burbank, Calif., October 20, 2008 – Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday Director’s Cut, the Academy Award®-winning director’s epic yet intimate look at the modern-day gladiators of the gridiron -- will make its Blu-ray High-Def debut January 27, just in time for the next Super Bowl.

    Any Given Sunday Director’s Cut will sell for $28.99 SRP. Order due date is December 23, 2008.

    Any Given Sunday Director’s Cut boasts the invincible all-star line-up of Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, James Woods, Ann-Margaret, Dick Butkus, Jim Brown, Lawrence Taylor and Charlton Heston, all contributing to provide a front-row seat and inside look at the sport and business of professional football. The action-packed film focuses not just on the players, but also on the coaches, the players often beleaguered families, the moneyed team owners and corporations attempting to control the game as big business, the hungry sports media and the hangers-on trying to get a taste of the glamour.

    Director Oliver Stone is one of American cinema's most prolific innovators and the recipient of three Academy Awards®. Among his memorable films are Platoon, Wall Street, Born on the Fourth of July, JFK, The Doors, Nixon, Alexander, and World Trade Center. His most recent project is the soon to be released and sure to be controversial W.

    Special Features:

    Behind the Story
    Commentary by director Oliver Stone
    Commentary by Jamie Foxx
    Full Contact: The Making Of Any Given Sunday HBO’s First Look documentary
    Jamie Foxx audition tape and screen tests
    Football Home Video
    Screen Test #1 “The Lunch”
    Screen Test #2 "Willie and Vanessa at the Cordoza Hotel”
    Additional Footage
    14 deleted/ extended scenes with optional commentary by director Oliver Stone
    Madman's pre-game ritual
    Game 1 - Sanderson tunnel speech/Madman and angry fan
    Game 1 - Sharks tackle/Beastman's broken finger
    Game 1 - Press conference
    Viscaya party - Dr. Mandrake sets the rules for Dr. Powers
    Tony and son breakfast
    Game 3 - Butkus vs. referee
    Post Game 3 - Miami win over Crusaders
    Sharks locker room - Willie and Christian
    Sharks party - Hot tub scene/Willie meets Ray Fields
    J- Man at home/watching Willie
    Pre-game 5 -- J-Man makes up with Willie/Monte urges on the team
    Game 5 - Sanderson and Dr. Powers14
    Post Game 5 – Victory
    Gag Reel
    Football outtakes montage
    Miscellaneous landscapes and outtakes montage
    Music-Only Audio Track
    "Rock and Roll Part 2" by Gary Glitter
    "Cruisin" by Smokey Robinson
    "Stompbox" by Overseer
    “My Niggas" by DMX
    "Take California" by Propellerhead
    "Revolution" by Kirk Franklin
    "Como Ves" by Ozomatli
    "Willie Beamen" by Jamie Foxx
    “Garciosa” by Moby
    “Twilight Zone” by 2 Unlimited “Use Me” by Bill Withers
    “Soul Sunday” by Goodie Mob featuring Outkast
    “Twisted Hair” by Robbie Robertson“
    Introduction from “Run Lola Run” by Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek and Reinhold Heil
    “My Weakness” by Moby
    “Any Given Sunday” by Jamie Foxx
    Instant Replay (direct access to exciting game moments)
    Hit on "Cap"
    Beam throws first TD
    Beam runs with the Football
    Beamen runs for a TD
    The Monsoon Bowl
    "Cap" runs for a TD
    Dallas game scoring drives
    4th and 1 - Shark goes down
    4 seconds left
    The Art of Selling - theatrical poster campaign and design exploration slide show
    Stills Gallery – production stills slide show with music
    Music Videos
    “Shut 'Em Down” by LL Cool J
    “My Name is Willie” by Jamie Foxx
    “Any Given Sunday” by Jamie Foxx

    · Theatrical trailer

    Any Given Sunday Director’s Cut Blu-ray High-Def
    Street Date: January 27, 2009
    Order Due Date: December 23, 2008
    Blu-ray High-Def $28.99 SRP
    Rated R
    Run Time: 156 Minutes
    For more information: WB HI-DEF Experience the Difference
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    I really wish they would release both cuts and maybe its just me but warner is pushing these releases out so fast that I see a box set in the future.
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    Great news. I love this flick.

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