Who's worried about catalog titles?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by AlexBC, Apr 15, 2006.

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    As much as I love the new blockbuster release, I'm really much more into catalog titles. And that's where my fear comes, regarding their HD presentation.

    Of course I'd love a DTS digital images (formerly LDI) sort of remaster on as many titles as possible. I know that's not likelly for now, but I believe we're actually safe regarding video quality, considering the fine state of most catalog titles print (I'm more into 80's and 90's). So the HD encoding will probably handle most of the SD DVD problems, which are mostly encoding related.

    My biggest concern then, comes with the audio department. Will we finally see the comeback of the LD days? I mean, will we finally get original audio on PCM mono or stereo matrix?

    Man that would be a dream come true, and really, it probably wouldn't eat much of the bandwith of both HD formats, specially BD which is my favorite. [​IMG]

    It would be a perfect chance for studios to include their bumped up multichannel audio and the original audio uncompressed or losslessly compressed, so we could run it through DPL2x or whatever, and probably get a much better quality than most of these newly (crappy) remastered soundtracks.
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    Michael Osadciw
    I'm hoping that mono and stereo soundtracks get the justice they deserve. Dolby Digital at 192kbps is unacceptable. Lossless audio for PCM at whatever resolution chosen would be ideal.

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    It's an of course legit concern (as is the aspect ratio issue and whether supps we've known and loved on SD are going to get ported over).

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