Who woulda thought THIS cheap? DVD PLayer Less Than 58 Bucks!!!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Scooter, Mar 3, 2002.

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    I mean..I have seen the Apex pieces and all..but this one at Ames is less than $60.00!!!!
    My son has a Classic CD/MP3 Walkman and the thing plays great...so I would imagine this is a decent entry level/bedroom player item. Given how long DVD has been here...price drops have been pretty dramatic. I don't recall VCR's or CD player moving down the price chain THIS quick!
  2. Robert Woods

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    The low prices on Apex are not really surprising. There seem to be constant references to their being sued by tranpost companies (Hub) for unpaid freight bills and supposedly the courts have forced a liquidation.

    They have had also a tremendous fiasco/catastrophe for the 7701 - a supposely' universal' player - it has however been showing up on forums as 'universal crap' - J&R has lowered the price from around $300 to $249.95 and supposedly is returning defectives at an alarming rate.

    None of this is doing any good to the general reputation of DVD as a medium. I know we had really bad troubles with Samsung.

    And Sony and the DVD Forum (strangest name I can think of for this rather dictatorial group) have really yet to work out the future audio 'ultimates.'

    It is perhaps all happening too fast for mortals - that coupled with an economic downturn is turning many scenarios into nightmares.

    A pity - because whn DVD 'works' - it really is a pleasure!
  3. DougRuss

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    I just bought the APEX AD-1100W for $75 at Walmart.( it plays Kodak Picture Disk and JPG Disc's) Needed something to play my Vacation Pics that I burned to a CD-R. Now instead of viewing them thru the Computer, I can sit in the HT room and view them there with family and friends.
    Doesn't do a bad job on DVD's, but I prefer using my NAD T550 for that.[​IMG]

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