Who Owns the Rights To "The A-Team?"

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    Are the DVD rights to "The A-Team" (which will have its 20th anniversary next year) owned by Universal, or by Stephen J. Cannell? (The Cannell site mentions that he owns the rights to a lot of his own productions, but it doesn't say whether this is one of them.)

    While I'm not the biggest A-Team fan in the world, I do think the first (13 episodes) season was a lot of fun and would be worth buying on DVD, especially if it came with commentary tracks with the creators, Cannell and Frank Lupo, and especially the four surviving cast members: Mr. T (man, he'd be great on a commentary track!), Dirk Benedict, Dwight Schultz, and Melinda Culea. (Assuming you could get Culea in the same room with the cast members who reportedly helped get her fired, but that would make for a commentary track in and of itself...)
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    Universal. There are some eps out in the UK on DVD, and Columbia House currently holds a license to produce A-Team.

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