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Who manufactures Flicker Alley DVD's ?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by thetao, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. thetao

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    Jan 5, 2011
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    I recently bought my first Flicker Alley title, J'Accuse. Haven't watched it yet, but am in the habit of scanning all new DVD/BD's for errors, hopefully to avoid getting stuck with coasters a few years down the road. The manufacturing quality was worse than expected...not horrible, but disappointing given their list prices, so I started wondering where it was made. To my surprise, there were no IFPI numbers molded into the DVD's clear inner rings. If you're not familiar with this scheme (it's fairly new to me, too) see sites like http://madonnadiscography.pl/article/view/103 .

    A missing IFPI number sometimes suggests a counterfeit, but the disks are dual layer and CSS encrypted, and I'd think a counterfeiter would get more bang for their buck with something other than a silent French film from 1919.

    So I wonder if anybody knows who manufacturers Flicker Alley DVD's or has an opinion on how unusual it is in 2017 to find a DVD with no IFPI? Thanks.

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