Who is playing Final Fantasy XI here from HTF?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Woo Jae, Apr 12, 2004.

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    Well it's been two weeks or more since I got Final Fantasy XI, the massive MMORPG for my ps2, and have played it for a while. My first mmorpg! [​IMG] So far, I can say several things:

    * Playing with friends is a blast - but annoying too - esp if you are in diff time zones.

    * Choosing a female appearance invites harassment by ignorant male players. But I did it anyway - I'd rather look at a female char for long pds vs male ones.

    * Money and EXP are hard to get in this game. Always a challenge to build either of these up.

    * World is huge; monsters are numerous (and varied) and your major cities are large. Very large.

    * Players in general are pretty nice, but noobs really stink.

    * Inventory space is always a problem - too limited.

    * SO much to do - crafting, fishing etc are all good stuff.

    * Being able to switch jobs on the fly is great.

    Anyhow, if you seem me online, I am on the Unicorn server as Wooman (female Hume, LVL 11 mnk, lvl 7 war/thf, lvl 5 blm, lvl 2 whm, lvl 1 rdm) and or Ramenchef (female elvaan, lvl 7 rdm, everything else lvl 1).

    If you see me online, type "/t wooman hello, I am from htf" to drop me a line. I'm on in the eves from 8pm -10:30pm est.

    (Well don't see a thread here for this, if this is a dupe thread, admins can combine it with a prev thread. )
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    I got the game the day it came out. But my PS2 broke so I had to send it to sony. I should have it back in 2 weeks. so when I get it I will let you know my info for the game. so we can go on quest together

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