Who here has someone that doesnt approve of their DVD/HT habits?

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    I was reading through the thread about casing ideas for people with more than 200 DVDs and it got me to thinking about my own situation.
    Some people like to display their whole DVD collection for everyone to see, but others like to hide their discs in Caselogic booklets to keep the cases out of the way. I personally love to see all my cases on a bookshelf, however, it is becoming more of a problem with my significant other. By having my cases on display, its very easy to tell how often I get new discs. I get on average between 15 - 20 discs a month, and boy does she notice.
    So I was wondering if other people had stories to share about their wives, girlfriends, financees, partners, etc on their approval/disapproval of their DVD or HT buying habits.
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    Though I don't have a wife or girlfriend I have caught a little grief from friends and co-workers.
    First off, I wouldn't try to hide my number of purchases I make. I don't know if that's what you we're contemplating, but obviously that will lead to mistrust, and you shouldn't feel ashamed to display or keep your hobby in the open.
    Also, perhaps let her know that your building your own library, and that you will always have a better selection than Blockbuster or any other video store (as well as have it in stock), as every title you have are movies you enjoy.
    In the end though, I wouldn't let DVD's stand in the way of a good relationship.
    Hope this helped some, I'm sure some guy's in relationships can help better.
    p.s. Another thing you should examine is are you buying DVD's because you have a passion for movies, or is it just a habbit, a thing to do? This may help you decide if you should cut back on purchases or not.
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    I struggle with this every day...My wife thinks it's a waste of money - however it makes me happy and she knows that...
    You could also point out that it's better than spending the $$$ on booze or smokes as well as drugs...
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