'Whispering Smith' - Lost western TV series coming to DVD

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by silverking, Mar 12, 2010.

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    'Whispering Smith' a long thought lost western TV series starring Audie Murphy looks like it may be coming to DVD.

    First screened in 1961 it was a troubled production. Co-Star Guy Mitchell broke his arm & another regular comitted suicide, delaying production. It then ran foul of the anti-TV violence comittee who condemned it. Subsequently it was pulled from the schedule & it was though all prints had been destroyed.

    It now seems Timeless have actually found a number of prints & will be putting it out.

    Currently on Amazon for release in April, no artwork or other details so far.

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    Which just goes to show you how 99.9% of that "prints destroyed" and the common one I read on here by people who spout things they know nothing about "it probably doesn't exist anymore" is all BS. MAJOR studios, in this case, Universal, do not discard their assets.
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    Looks interesting. I have enjoyed some of these obscure short-lived shows (like "Tate" and "Man with a Camera"). Just goes to show that studios were sometimes pulling the plug too early even back then.

    Of course there were an abundance of Western's back then so it is not suprising some were short-lived.
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