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    I went to some stores and checked out HDTVs, and have come up with a dilema. Should I go for the Flagship 55 inch (diamond series) last years model, or this years(just came out) 55 inch Platinum series. They both cost the same amount of money, 3,000. but the new one has an internal device so I can get some hd channels without buying the box(for now, its just untill I can afford to drop another 1,000 for a HD DSS box. and the new one also is capable of using firewire. I am sure that last years model is a better picture, but please give me your opinions, as the help.
    Thanks in advance, Fred
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    Hi Fred,
    First, you really shouldn't pay more than about $2500 for either of these sets. The new models are coming VERY soon and prices are falling on these sets.
    Here's the lowdown on the two models:
    55905 - 99-00 Diamond Model. Optically and electronically, I believe this set is very similar to this years 55857. The most notable differences are that the old model locks in full mode with a progressive signal. However, the new one has certain service menu items locked out. Thus, the old one is more "tweakable", but less flexible with a progressive DVD player.
    55807 - This is the current entry level 55". It's a nice looking set, but it's optics are a slight cut below what you get with the old diamond or the current platinum plus.
    As far as Firewire compatibility ... the promise module from Mitsubishi is still vapor. I wouldn't buy based on that one.
    Good luck!

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